My tantra touch practice consists of two levels of engagement.

Light tantra is a mostly physical experience. This is perfect for beginners who wish to sample my aura and expertise without the intensity of a Kundalini experience.

Deep tantra is a metaphysical experience that involves Kundalini transmutation and other advanced energy work processes.

You will find a few of my tantra offerings below, reach out to me via the contact form for an updated menu, prices, and demo videos.

Light Tantra

Deep Tantra

Introductory Basic Tantra Session

You can sample my expertise without the intense energy flows of deep tantra.

These sessions include a chakra massage, a few tantra touch positions, and some stretching.

This is perfect for the beginner who isn't ready for tantric bonding yet.

Conscious Cuddling Session

My Conscious Cuddling sessions are heart-centered yet don't involve any intense energy flows.

Imagine our physical bodies melting into each other in a platonic container of love and acceptance.

Sounds amazing doesn't it?

I also offer mix-and-match sessions that can include massage, guided yoga, or introductory tantra.

Full-body Chakra Activation

This is an experience that will unblock and activate all seven of your chakras.

Sessions take place on the massage table, floor, or bed.

Check out my blog article to learn more about this amazing work.


Artistic Tantra Visuals

Book a session

Now that you have a basic idea of the scope of my tantra touch work, you can begin the booking process.

For your safety and mine, I perform some light screening before meeting new clients.

First time tantra touch clients are required to complete a 30-min introductory call to make sure we are both on the same page and are the perfect match for a session.

There is also a non-refundable deposit required to lock in your session time.

Prices start at $150/90 min.

Send me your contact info and I will respond as soon as possible.