Tantric Soul Immersion

I created Kama Shakti Soul Immersion methods to give me access to the energy centers of my conduits without the intense emotional reactions of physical touch.

These sessions will affect you at the subconscious/superconscious levels and will create changes in you that can't be defined with spoken words.

Tantric Hypnotism

Tantric Hypnotism (TH) is one of the most innovative modalities within the Kama Shakti Metaphysical Tantra practice.

It is an advanced form of guided meditation that involves low frequency sound waves and intense UV light pulses.

While you are deep within the induced trance, your superconscious mind will be open and able to upload energetic information directly to the core of your being.

This means your subconscious mind is ready to be reprogrammed and upgraded.

Dual Immersion

Ready to book?

Now that you have a basic idea of the scope of my tantra immersion work, you can begin the booking process.

I'm always adding new sessions to my repertoire, so be sure to ask about the new menu.

For your safety and mine, I perform some light screening before meeting new clients.

There is also a non-refundable deposit required to lock in your session time.

Prices start at $100/hour.

Send me your contact info and I will respond as soon as possible.