What is Kama Shakti

metaphysical Tantra?

Ancient & Modern Energetic Fusion

The Kama Shakti Metaphysical Tantra (KSMT) practice is an alchemical journey rather than a spiritual journey. This is an important distinction to understand.

As a Kama Shakti practitioner, you will be exploring the relationship between your personal energetic forces and the physical environment you interact with on a daily basis.

Other forms of tantra come from ancient lineages which have been corrupted and bastardized over the past few centuries.

This has fused authentic tantric concepts with "New Age" religious rhetoric.

The outcome has led to mass confusion.

KSMT is designed to bring people out of the traps of the New Age into the abundance of true metaphysical alignment.

You will learn how to tap into and leverage your inner potential without begging for help or guidance from deities, angels or ancestors.

You will be able to transmute your sexual energy into an endless source of manifestation power that will attract beneficial things to your life that you want and deserve.

Are you ready to begin your journey to the ultimate bliss?

Got questions?

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