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I've helped 100s of men, women, and couples learn the nuances of my Kama Shakti Tantra practice.

My methods are direct and effective.

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Men's Tantra Coaching

I created Sacred Masculine Framing to help men reach new depths of manhood while also accepting and embracing their sacred feminine aspects.

Women's Tantra Coaching

I currently preside over a tribe of five phenomenal women who peacefully coexist with each other with no drama or major conflicts.

This makes me an expert at bringing women into the perspective that will attract the type of relationships and interactions they desire.

Couple's Tantra Coaching

The Alchemy of Platonic Intimacy is a deep dive into the male/female dynamic.

Using my own experiences as reference points, I show couples exactly how to create Tantric Symbiosis and maintain it for a lifetime and beyond.

Live Sessions

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