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Wisdom Touch Faith-Based Tantra experiences bring your mind, body and soul into perfect alignment.

No fear. No judgment. Just unfiltered BLISS!






In 2022, I created a comprehensive tantra journey for women called Tantra7.

It encompasses seven stages of tantric development represented by seven distinct colors.

Over the past two years, I have distilled the journey into more than just a roadmap to enlightenment.

It is now a career path that leads to Kama Shakti Tantric Certification.

Women who complete all seven levels have the opportunity to join my business as a travelling tantra practitioner or start their own practices.

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During my years of shadow work and self-actualization, I have uncovered many secrets dealing with sacred masculinity.

I now realize the vital importance of brotherhood and rites of passage to the proper development of a man.

I created the IGNITE concept in 2022 to serve as a coaching brand for men.

In 2023, I fully developed the model into the IGNITE Mystery School for Men.

Similar to the ancient mystery schools, only a few exceptional men are worthy of initiation into IGNITE.

I only work with men of discipline, character, and high moral standards.

IGNITE is only for men who are ready to transcend the constrictions placed on modern manhood in this society.

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Vision is phenomenal! From our 1st exploratory call he was patient, warm, and comforting. Even though I had a thousand questions, he answered them all and made sure that I was comfortable. What can I say about the session itself? I came in with some apprehension, but by the time I left I was so relaxed and it lasted for the rest of the day. I scheduled the next session on the spot.
If you have never experienced the sacred masculine, you owe it to yourself to see Pastor. If you are even slightly curious about tantra, schedule an appointment. If you want to know what platonic intimacy really is, you need to meet Pastor. Ultimately beginning this relationship is one of the best decisions I’ve made in years..

- MN


My sessions with Pastor were nothing short of magical. My first session was a sensual massage followed by a cuddling session. I truly felt loved and accepted even though it usually takes me a while to become comfortable with someone new. While we were talking and cuddling, we discussed my ex-husband and I began crying. Pastor held me, wiped my tears, and didn't judge me at all.

I had several other deep tantra sessions with Pastor that were also amazing. I made it all the way through Pink Tantra level but I had to pause my journey when he left Phoenix. I will definitely resume my journey when he gets back in town

- GM